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Giving back to the Community - Hammed and Lawrence

October 08, 2021 Mastercard Foundation Scholars at the university of Edinburgh Season 2 Episode 7
Ekasi Podcast
Giving back to the Community - Hammed and Lawrence
Show Notes

Hammed Kayode and Lawrence Adjei – Giving back to the Community 

 Once one learns how to read and write, then they have all the fundamental prerequisites for success - Hammed Kayode 

 Hammed Kayode (Nigeria) and Lawrence Adjei (Ghana) are passionate educators keen to change the education space not just in the western region of Africa but across the continent. 

 Kayode, a postgraduate Mastercard Foundation Scholar at the University of Edinburgh is the founder of Kayode School, an institution that teaches children from a very young age to pursue solution-oriented learning models. 

 Adjei, on the other hand, is an alumnus with a master's in Economics and Business, co-founder of Adesua, which aims to improve access to education through an online learning platform. 

 Tune in to listen to our hosts engage Hamed and Adjei on the state of education in Africa, the challenges the continental education systems are facing and what could be done to improve the situation among a myriad of exciting and insightful topics. 

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 Soundtrack: Ifeanyichukwu Ezinmadu and Fraser Macdonald
Audio editing: Geofrey Njovu